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Construction Safety

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09:59 minutes

Description du produit

The aim of this episode is to deepen contruction safety on roof, elevators and high scaffolding. Video shows how to use correctly personal protection devices.

Objectif et finalité

1. The specific purpose of this project is to improve skills to promote safety and health at work using TV as medium. 2. The most innovative aim is to help construction workers to discover mainly by themselves, during their work, the most dangerous situations with the support of friendly user learning tools. Specific objectives: 1. To rise up awareness informations in construction sector with specific reference to health and safety at work. 2. To share good practices and to encourage to use them. 3. To develop topics, instruments and good training practices in construction sector related to health and safety at work.

The editort is very expert about the building sector and about vocational training in building sector. The proposed methodology is innovative by virtue of the production of particular TV and radio and multimedia materials to use to promote and improve safety and health especially for adults with low school education or with language problems.

Public cible

The Building Companies and the Economic and productive System, that will benefit of increasing quantities of workers entering the labour market with more appropriate skills and greater attitude towards safety at work.Building Workers with low school ed

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