Entrena tu conciencia, Capacidad Visual

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Train your awareness, visual skills

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1:06 minutes

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The story unfolds demonstrating one of the core capabilities that the human being should have to drive a car: visual capacity. The protagonist is a mother and two children who live a common situation of a normal day. MOM takes her children to school as always. While driving to the college, the mother is imprudent due to paying attention to her children and losing sight of the road.

Objectif et finalité

Every car accident, regardless of cause, emotionally affects many people who are directly or indirectly involved.

We wanted to direct our campaign and especially this video to show how families can be affected by small distractions during the trip. In many cases the driver is not conscious of being distracted and endangers the lives of those he loves the most. The film uses the Internet channel to ensure wide dissemination of the message and to reach the target group.

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Mothers who drive a car

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Liberty Seguros S.A
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+5713103300 www.intelygente.net

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Intelygente SAS
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