Faça isso!

Titre traduit en anglais

Do it like this – You can do it!

Film: Durée en minutes

8x05:00 minutes

Description du produit

Do it yourself! and ... "Do it like this!" The successful television series with the master masons Tei, Paolo and Alex: Here the masters demonstrate step by step: "How do I build a house!" - observing the rules of occupational safety. The series is broadcasted every Saturday around noon as breakfast TV. The issue of "occupational safety" is a cross-cutting topic that is specially mentioned in the first "lesson/unit".

Objectif et finalité

Anyone can improve their situation. Anyone can build a little house, which observes quality criteria. Yet, you have to understand how it's done: from planning, provision of the appropriate materials, the application of proper techniques and observing the occupational safety regulations.

30 years civil war have not only destroyed the physical infrastructure of the country, but also the knowledge base. At the stage of building Angola up it's not simply a matter to create new living space and build roads and creating the major infrastructure. It is also important to develop the necessary expertise to setting up a vocational training system that is nationwide available to the large population of the country (it's as big as Germany, France and half of Poland together, but "only" has about 20 million people) A film is particularly suitable because it - can be used by trainers for vocational training and thus guarantees a minimum quality standard. (important: in Angola, there are only few qualified instructors) - can be disseminated over TV in all corners, thus reaching the people who do not have access to qualification and this is especially true for women. (Please note: in rural and poor Angola, there are many women who have to improve their living situation by themselves!)

Public cible

The Angolan population - particularly people in education/training ... and all those who live in the widely scattered communities and who want to improve their living conditions after 30 years of their civil war.

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