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Mr. Pingel und Laura – Arbeitsschutz im Büro

Titre traduit en anglais

Mr Pingel and Laura – occupational health in the office

Film: Durée en minutes

13:52 minutes

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Description du produit

Laura and Mr Pingel work in an office. Mr Pingel is a rather "special colleague" - correct, polite, reserved, eats healthy food - and sometimes endearing though gawky. He likes orderly conditions and hates the loss of control. However, he wants to do everything in the best possible way - and this is exactly why many office catastrophes happen to him! Laura is a young colleague, who does the same job he does – but relaxed, natural and friendly and thus a pleasure in everyday office life. However, she still has much to learn and sometimes stumbles in her youthful naivety through the office everyday life. Then the cranky Mr Pingel must bail her out. (They) both experience the perils of everyday office life – from the morning fire in the coffee kitchen to the afternoon stress low point...“

Objectif et finalité

The message of the film is: providing office employees with a lot of humor and without a moralizing undertone with relatively dry occupational safety issues. When watching the film, people should be entertained, smile often and yet - or for precisely this reason - absorb factual information on occupational health. With the film, the issue occupational health and safety in the office is supposed to create positive associations whilst being instructed.

As operator of the portal I have noticed that the office films are mostly clicked on by safety experts. That’s why I have encouraged the company TIME:CODE:MEDIA GmbH, Welserstraße 5-7, 10777 Berlin,, phone: +49 (0)30 27 57 24 42 to make the film, which we have finally produced together.

Public cible

Employees in the office, people who mainly work at a computer screen

Coordonnées de l'éditeur
Rosenheimer Str.3, Germany-10781 Berlin

Coordonnées de la société de production

time-code-media GmbH in co-production with Christoph Benning
Welserstraße 5-7, -10777 Berlin
+49(0)30 27 57 24 42