O Pedreiro! – um kuduru

Titre traduit en anglais

The bricklayer! – a kuduru

Film: Durée en minutes

04:09 minutes

Description du produit

In contrast to academic professions in Angolan society craftsmanship enjoys a comparatively low status. However craftsmanship plays a major role in the rapid development of Angola. Giving craft activities respect requires the reflection of personal attitudes towards their own work. Only the working men and women who are motivated and ready to invest energy in the fulfillment of their tasks every day - make an effort not only to care for themselves but also provide for their families; they are the only ones who can contribute to long-term development of their society. These workers need to get the recognition they deserve. Why is FormPRO interested in this topic? The goal of FormPRO is to improve the skills and quality in the construction sector. Thus bricklayers and electricians are coming to the fore. Yet FormPRO does not only want to increase the quality and relevance of vocational education and training, but also value craft occupations in the public mind so that more young people are interested to take such a profession. Against this background FormPRO in cooperation with CENFOC (Centro de Formação Profissional de Construção Civil, a training center for the construction sector in Viana) and the Kudurista group "Os K.Baila" recorded a video clip, which deals specifically with the profession of bricklayers . The text is written by the singer of the group. More information http://www.formpro-angola.org/de/article/77.o-pedreiro.html

Objectif et finalité

- be pride in being a professional crafts man - professionalism is demonstrated by the quality of your work - quality of work also includes to observe the safety regulations

Thirty years of civil war in Angola has destroyed the competence base; knowledge and skills and understanding for quality have not been developed and passed on. The value of labour /craft and pride in work have not been forwarded. In addition, at the end of civil war approximately 54% of the Angolan people were not literate. This is why the film wants to achieve wider efficacy or a broader effect in a country wich size of surface area is as Germany, France and Poland put together. For this purpose Angolan music and singing need to be used. The Kuduru was developed by young people of the slums of Luanda.

Public cible

The young population of Angola: men and women

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