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"Runter vom Gas-Website"

Titre traduit en anglais

"Slow down website"

Description du produit

The website presents the campaign "Slow Down" and its initiators, the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure and the German Road Safety Council. 15 sections provide visitors with detailed background information and practical tips on wide-ranging topics as "visibility on the road", "first priorities at the place of the accident" and "behaviour when the warning wrong-way drivers is given". Interviews with experts and ambassadors of the campaign "Slow Down" convey interesting facts that create an emotional access to issues of road safety and anchor the facts deeply in the memory of the site visitor. With extensive illustrations the website informs on press activities of "Slow Down" thus bringing the issue of road safety to the public. Thus, visitors of the site learn why Udo Walz opts for a bicycle helmet and safety before vanity; Why the issue road safety is of great concern to "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate Anna Maria, though she doesn´t have a driving licence yet, and how DFB bus driver Wolfgang Hochfellner causes sensation at the Federal Ministry of Transport. Image galleries and making-of videos complete the online presence and offer attractive visual impressions. For journalists the section "Press" provides information for reporting and access to additional campaign material such as cinema and radio commercials of "Slow Down". Under the section "Material" visitors can download brochures and posters. With an order form visitors, multipliers and associacions can order the material free of charge with a few clicks in haptic shape for their road safety work. With regular surveys the website creates interaction and an individual entry for the visitors. A contact office and contact form allows availability of the campaign "Slow Down" at any time for questions, suggestions and criticism and offers a direct communication channel to the target groups.

Objectif et finalité

From entertainment to important information and practical advice, all this is provided by the section: “Road safety, all with a single click" of the platform The website wants to reach as many road users with the topics and content of the campaign and aims at warning about the dangers of risky behaviour on the road and provides helpful tips on road safety. The campaign website creates strong public presence of the campaign „Slow Down" by transferring the many "offline" actions of the campaign into the net - for example through short videos documenting the actions. And interested parties are led to the site with prevention materials, for example, via QR codes, which were printed and distributed as part of the action on bicycle helmets and on bicycle seat covers. Entertaining elements present events of current relevance such as the cooperation with the bus driver of the German Football Federation Wolfgang Hochfellner or with star hairdresser Udo Walz. Useful and embedded links and background reports offer interested website visitors valuable information and practical tips on various topics related to road safety. The website thus achieves major success: In summer of 2013 „Slow Down" cooperated with festival organizers and called on the "Melt, Hurricane and Southside Festival" for responsible driving without (residual) alcohol and drug influence. As a result, selected print, radio and online media raise awareness about the topic and refer to a prize competition on the campaign website Moreover, the prize competition extended the amount of time visitors spent in the internet because of more detailed information on the issue drink-driving. Attractive prizes as free tickets to the festival attract visitors multiplying the daily number of visitors to the website during the promotional period. In addition, a special service is provided to the most important multipliers, the journalists. The campaign provides them with comprehensive press material e.g. texts, quotations and pictures within the minimum of delay for reporting on the day news. Editorial offices, e.g. "Auto-Bild" or "The Welt" regularly made use of this offer for their reports. Partners, associations and organizations which promote road safety can download or order the prevention material as brochures, banners and posters. Interested parties may use all texts, films and materials available free of charge or link the site in order to achieve the widest possible dissemination of road safety messages. In addition, the campaign website promotes through surveys and simple contact opportunity the interaction with interested parties and multiplies of road safety. The results of the online surveys and the users’ interest in the topic, in turn, give impetus for new communication projects to the initiators of the campaign. The visitors appreciate this: On average, the visitors stay 2.22 minutes on the site per visit and the interested visitors watched 3.6 contributions (as of January 2014).

In 2012, Germany had fewer fatal traffic accidents than ever before. Yet, this is not an all-clear signal: Still every day more than 1,000 people are injured in road traffic - ten of them fatal. In order to further reduce these numbers, the Federal Ministry of Transport and digital infrastructure and the German Road Safety Council launched the road safety campaign "Slow Down" with a number of partners to raise public awareness about the subject road safety. The campaign "Slow Down" is to contribute to achieve the goal, set in the National Traffic Safety Programme 2011, of 40 percent less accident victims by 2020. For every victim of a traffic accident is one victim too many.

Public cible

The road safety campaign "Slow Down" is aimed at all road users to raise awareness for the dangers caused by risky behaviour on the road: in addition to motorists and pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists of all ages. The campaign emphasises to address i

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