Tu salud no tiene precio. Prevención de LME en supermercados

Titre traduit en anglais

Your health is priceless. Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries in supermarkets

Film: Durée en minutes

18 minutes

Description du produit

The DVD gives advice, proposes practices and appropriate measures to prevent the risk of injuries of the musculoskeletal system asociated with work activities in the sector. Moreover it contains a complementary video that helps to understand the function of the spinal column with regard to specific works e.g. works that require the use of a computer. The DVD helps to remember the fundamental ergonomic rules.

Objectif et finalité

Re-examines habits and postures wich may create a health risk for workers, according to two different blocks: Handling of long loads Forced postures and uniform movements proposal of healthy body techniques, recommendations and corrective ways of action that protect the health of the workers.

In Spain, work-related illness due to physical overload has a high level and it is the primary cause for incapacity to work. In the sector of trade and food there are many work activities which create a health risk for the workers. From our experience in the area dissemination and awareness of risks at work, we know the scope and effectiveness of audiovisual products in relation to the modification of attitudes and the embracement of corrective measures and preventive behaviour of the workers.

Public cible

The product addresses workers and employees in the sector of trade and food.

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