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WSH Nation

Titre traduit en anglais

WSH Nation

Description du produit

WSH Nation is a new media platform that allows participants to create a customised avatar that will represent them in the virtual WSH Nation world. Thereby the participants can pledge to be a WSH citizen to support safe and healthy workplaces. WSH Nation citizens can use facebook to inform their friends and invite them to join the online community as a citizen. Participants can also print their own avatars, play games online related to WSH, and send an electronic greeting card for different occasions.

Objectif et finalité

WSH Nation (via or is an online pledge campaign using new media that aims to progagate the importance of workplace safety and health (WSH) messages to as many people as possible. In doing so creates a large online community that supports WSH.

WSH Nation uses a fun, interactive new media platform to engage interest in WSH from the general public in a way that they too can play a part in building awareness in safety and health.

Public cible

Members of the public which includes students, management, safety professionals, and workers and their families across all industries.

Coordonnées de l'éditeur

Workplace Safety and Health Council – WSHC
1500 Bendemeer Road, MOM Services Centre#04-01, Singapore-339946 Singapore

Coordonnées de la société de production

Grey Group
1 Magazine Road#03-07 - Grey Group , Singapore-059567 Singapore