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Escuela de seguridad y salud en el trabajo AXA COLPATRIA RV

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School of safety and health at work AXA COLPATRIA RV

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This product has a modular content with safety related topics. Currently only Module 1: "Complementary training in working at height" has been developed.

Every 14 weeks a new topic will be included: April 2020 Module 2 "Road safety", June 2020 Module 3 "Load Lifting", October 2020 Module 4 "Electrical safety and so on for the next 4 years.

Message du média

It is a product for complementary training in technical, administrative and legal aspects in various topics related to safety and health at work. It is applied as a complementary training and includes virtual simulation.

This product facilitates decision-making at the administrative and managerial level, since it issues a report on the company's performance in a general and individual manner for each worker. Different scenarios are presented in virtual reality with the purpose of strengthening the skills and knowledge of workers in critical task situations.



Our company demonstrated, by data tracking, the need to develop training for critical tasks for our companies and affiliated workers.

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