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Hearing Loss Prevention

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Hearing Loss Prevention

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This web book gives an overview of noise-induced hearing loss and uses video, diagrams, and text to convey information in a captivating and easy to navigate format. It includes information on the components of a hearing loss prevention program and outlines steps to get started, a program checklist, a quiz for the reader, and a page of resources for further information.

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A quarter of all workers in British Columbia are exposed to occupational noise loud enough to permanently damage their hearing. Occupational hearing loss can be prevented when employers, workers, and WorkSafeBC work together to control noise exposure.


WorkSafeBC has a series of online books that add videos and quizzes to our printed health and safety resources. These online resources are easier to deliver, especially as our stakeholders access our materials on mobile devices at increasing rates - particularly on job sites. This book was released to complement our new series of awareness videos on noise-induced hearing loss at work.

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Workers and employers who are exposed to high levels of noise in the workplace


This campaign communicates the importance of prevention around hearing loss from workplace noise. It includes information for both employers and workers.

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