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Interactive asbestos house

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Interactive asbestos house

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The asbestos house is an interactive tool where users can click through a house to find where asbestos could be hiding. There are four different rooms that reveal sources of potential asbestos. When clicked, a  pop-up appears with a description of the asbestos source and some also include an animation with more information.

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Learn how to properly deal with asbestos before your renovation or demolition begins. With proper planning and oversight of work, you can reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure of asbestos fibers to you and contractors.


This initiative is aimed at reducing occupational disease and death caused by exposure to asbestos in residential demolition and renovation
worksites. Asbestos-related lung diseases are preventable, and yet, asbestos remains the single largest workplace killer in British Columbia. This interactive house is a tool for homeowners to become aware of asbestos and be inclined to talk to their contactor about it.

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Homeowners considering renovation or demolition of their home


Information and awareness about asbestos that includes video, interactive tool, safety pamphlets.

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