Stratégie nationale VISION ZERO - Lancement

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Launch of national strategy VISION ZERO

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2 minutes minutes


Launch video of the national strategy VISION ZERO

The film starts with showing us how the Luxembourgish population is concerned about labour accidents at work (figures of labour accidents of the year 2014, for example 324 of severe accidents and 15 of fatal accidents in the year 2014 in Luxembourg). Afterwards we are challenged to take actions (let us say yes to the prevention of hazards and to the responsibility of everybody). Information, prevention, training are the keys to adopt the new national strategy VISION ZERO. The film ends with showing the corporate identity VISION ZERO.

Message du média

Health and safety at work. All concerned!


In march 2016, a national Charta “VISION ZERO“ has been signed by several stakeholders in Luxembourg (the Ministries of Social Security, Labour, Employment, Health, Transport, Home Affairs, Public Service, the main national trade unions, the national employers’ organizations and the Accident Insurance Association) with the aim of decreasing the number and gravity of accidents at work, commuting accidents and occupational diseases. For the period 2016-2022, the national objective is to reduce by 20% the frequency rate of work related accidents compared to 2014. Over the medium and long term, the objective remains the continuous decrease of severe and fatal accidents, meaning zero casualty and zero seriously injured worker. In order to achieve these national goals, the signatories have committed themselves to develop and implement individual action plans. The latter also applies for companies, who may file their action plan on the VISION ZERO platform.

Groupe cible du média

The media campaign is aimed at employees, young workers, future workers and the general public, but it also addresses CEOs and executive managers.



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