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WorkplaceNL Video/Radio Contest

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WorkplaceNL Video/Radio Contest

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1 minutes


This video entitled "Disastrous Decisions" is the winning video submission from the 2019 WorkplaceNL Video/Radio Contest.  The video was created by Gracie Reid, a grade 11 student from Crescent Collegiate.

Here is a link to the video:

Message du média

"Disastrous Decisions" highlights the dangers of distractions in the workplace.


Young workers are at an increased risk of workplace injuries that can be prevented.  The WorkplaceNL Video/Radio Contest promotes increased awareness of occupational health and safety by enabling students to participate in a campaign that will showcase their knowledge and impact their peers as they enter the workforce.

Our annual video/radio contests have been very successful and provide an excellent opportunity for students to get involved and be proactive in occupational health and safety while allowing them the opportunity to creatively and visually express their views.  

This contest provides an excellent opportunity to promote the importance of occupational health and safety to students, while engaging in a fun and creative process.

Groupe cible du média

Young Workers

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Winner of the 2019 WorkplaceNL Video/Radio Contest

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146-148 Forest Road - Newfoundland , ca-A1A3B8 St. John's