Rücksicht - "Es kann so einfach sein"

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Consideration - "It can be so simple"

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1:15 minutes

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Video film as a trigger for starting a conversation about consideration in road traffic:
"When there is a narrowing of the road on both sides, the person who reaches the spot second has to wait. But who was that in this case - the female cyclist or the driver of the waste disposal vehicle? If it is a longer bottleneck, it is sometimes not clear and both parties think that they have the right of way. Even if both reach a short bottleneck almost simultaneously, the situation can be unclear. Once you are facing each other, understanding is required. The way should then be made free by the party for whom it is easier. These decisions should be made before driving into the bottleneck: How easy or difficult is it for the driver of the oncoming vehicle to slow down or to stop? How difficult will it be for them to restart, as well as to maneuver backward if necessary, if the person has inadvertently driven into a narrow spot where others actually have the right of way?"

Objectif et finalité

The film serves as a starting point for a conversation about consideration in road traffic. Language is deliberately omitted, so the film can be used worldwide.
The idea is to show that there are many situations in road traffic that cannot be solved with simple rules, but that mutual consideration and sometimes also giving way to the other party can ensure safe participation in road traffic. It should also be made clear that there are no "strong" and "weak" road users, but rather "protected" and "unprotected" road users, because a supposedly protected person in road traffic can be the "weaker" person, since he or she sometimes has hardly any opportunity to react (e.g., a truck reversing in a bottleneck).

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DVR/UK/BG Focus Action 2021/2022 Consideration - It can be so simple

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