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It is a board game used in vocational training of green professions (farmer, horticulturist, forester, etc.) by trainers and teachers.

Objectif et finalité

Game idea: Knowledge about the prevention of back problems is taught in a playful, relaxed way. Through practical experience, the topics of balance, lifting, carrying, and compensatory gymnastics come to life. The competitive nature of the game creates excitement, encourages participation, involves all participants equally and thus remains unforgettable. Since the target group (trainees / apprentices) is still very young and often not yet aware of the health hazards at work, the topics of ergonomics, back health and movement promotion at the workplace are treated playfully and humorously through Backtivity.

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Jeunes travailleurs

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Sozialversicherung für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Gartenbau (SVLFG)
Weißensteinstraße 70-72, Germany-34131 Kassel
+49 561 785 13514

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besser wie gut GmbH
Upper Borg 147, Deutschland-28357 Bremen
0421 275840