Fire Safety Infographic -3

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Fire Safety Infographic -3

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1.5 minutes minutes

Description du produit

The Electrical Safety Infographic is about electrical emergencies, a description of electrical hazards, how these hazards can be minimized, and what to do if these incidents happen. Prevailing risks and preventive measures have been highlighted with animation and local langue while best practices have been incorporated for behaviour change.

Objectif et finalité

1. To highlight, through content and communication tools, the main sources and causes of fire-related hazards and the necessary precautionary measures to manage and mitigate fire and electrical hazards through efficient risk assessment 2. To ensure that management and workers know how to react in case of a fire or an electrical hazard (electrical shock, electrical burn, or a blast) in the factory and what to do to minimise the repercussions of these hazards in terms of evacuation, reducing inhalation exposure, knowing where the shut-off switches/circuit breaker panels are, etc. 3. To raise public awareness regarding fire hazards, including the availability, use and handling of proper fire equipment and electrical equipment for mass behaviour change

Public cible

Petites et moyennes entreprises (PME), Superviseurs et managers, Spécialistes de la SST


Targeted Prevention Campaign on Electrical Safety and Fire Prevention

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