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Storie di prevenzione

Titre traduit en anglais

Prevention stories

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2:47 minutes

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Description du produit

The video consists of images taken from "Stories of prevention" made using storytelling. These are video-stories in which entrepreneurs, who have obtained funding from Inail to improve health and safety in the company, tell their experience. Asbestos remediation, the adoption of organizational and social responsibility models, or the replacement of obsolete machinery, such as tractors, with safer and more technologically advanced ones, are just some of the projects carried out by companies and shown in video-stories.

Objectif et finalité

"Stories of prevention" were created to tell with a direct and immediate style, one of the most relevant institutional activities. With non-repayable incentives made available through a public tender called "Isi" l'Inail, in fact, supports companies that invest in prevention and improve health and safety levels in the workplace. Inail considers prevention funding an investment and not a cost, and aims to share this vision with entrepreneurs in an ever wider way, so that they transform it into concreteness within companies.

Public cible

Petites et moyennes entreprises (PME), Spécialistes de la SST

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