Connecting Safely

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Connecting Safely

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We developed a safety program identity and narrative called Connecting Safely. This spoke to both the physical safety and wellbeing of employees, partners, and contractors, while also linking to the organisation’s values of ‘We Care’ and ‘We are One Team’. With a comprehensive communication strategy, we identified audience groups, key opportunities for connection, and messaging — and also mapped our campaigns across key topics. The packages included animated video, digital collateral, leader-led toolbox talks, engagement micro-modules, and job aids.

Objectif et finalité

Supporting NBN Co with a purpose-built engagement program for a distributed workforce. For NBN, the desired outcome was to build a repeatable, scalable, and consistent engagement program that would help to: shift to a proactive, rather than reactive safety culture; promote trust among safety leaders, delivery partners, and frontline workers; and, ultimately, reduce incidents and injuries to create safer working environments and interactions every day.

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Safety Culture & Engagement

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