Simple Show Anwendung eines Quick Checks

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Simple Show Application of the Quickcheck

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3:21 minutes

Description du produit

This is a Simple Show about the application of a contractor evaluation tool. The Simple Show explains the application and the purpose of the Quickcheck. The Quickcheck serves as a documentation basis for behavioral anomalies at partner companies and at the same time as documentation of a performed on-site inspection. There is a particular potential for danger on construction sites and repairs in companies. The Quickcheck is a tool to make unsafe actions or conditions discussable and thus preventable before accidents happen. Both positive and negative conspicuities are recorded using the Quickcheck.

Objectif et finalité

With the help of Simple Show, Quickcheck was explained for the existing tool. The importance of communication and cooperation between contractors and own employees is strengthened. By completing the Quick Checks, contractor accidents are prevented. In the event of frequent negative incidents at individual external companies, it is possible to talk to the companies in question in a targeted manner.

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Jeunes travailleurs, Superviseurs et managers, Spécialistes de la SST, Autres (veuillez préciser) : Beschäftigte

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