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personal protection equipment selection App

Description du produit

An app that helps you select the right personal protective equipment for most activities 24/7? That's what the PPE selection app from thyssenkrupp steel can do! This intuitive app simplifies the process of selecting personal protective equipment for users. Leveraging Power Apps and a stored Sharepoint, the PPE Selection App presents all information in a user-friendly format. The app contains the most commonly used, iternally approved items and allows filtering based on individual applications. The app also provides information on the relevant standards, houses product data sheets and stores other pertinent information. In line with its legal mandate for procuring personal protective equipment, the occupational safety department offers technical support. As a result, the app only uses internally approved and proven items to ensure safety and compliance.

Objectif et finalité

The app assists both employees and managers in locating information about personal protective equipment, enabling them to effortlessly research necessary items. Additionally, the help button directs all inquiries related to personal protective equipment to the appropriate contact person. The intuitive user interface ensures a high level of acceptance among employees.

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Jeunes travailleurs, Superviseurs et managers, Autres (veuillez préciser) : Beschäftigte

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