Sicher zusammen arbeiten

Titre traduit en anglais

Working safely together

Film: Durée en minutes

18:40 minutes

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Description du produit

Our need for repetitive training is high. New colleagues as well as existing employees are regularly instructed in safety matters - and yet: accidents happen again and again. That's why we decided to produce a safety film tailored precisely to our industry. We wanted to find a way to provide important safety instruction for recycling yard work in a way that saves time and resources. And all this without compromising on quality. On the contrary, we wanted to use the medium of film to convey the content in an even more comprehensible way.

Objectif et finalité

A safety film for the recycling industry on this scale is an absolute novelty and can be viewed both in one piece and in smaller units. For example, it makes sense to use the part about first aid as an amplifier in a classic first-aid instruction. We use it ourselves in our Karle Academy. Here, among other things, safety instructions are offered to employees, partner companies, market companions and customers. The film is used to support the safety instructions and training.

Public cible

Jeunes travailleurs, Petites et moyennes entreprises (PME), Superviseurs et managers, Autres (veuillez préciser) : Drivers and all other employees at the recycling center

Coordonnées de l'éditeur

Karle Recycling GmbH
Friedrich-Scholer-Straße 5, Germany-70469 Stuttgart

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niessnerdesign GmbH
Friedrich-Scholer-Straße 9, Deutschland-70469 Stuttgart