Principes & fondements en manutention de charges

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Principles & Foundations in manual handling

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Principles & Foundations in manual handling is an e-learning course that puts the fundamentals of manual material handling (MMH) in the hands (and brains) of workers. It is the foundation of an MMH prevention program. It combines best practices in ergonomics, learning and MMH. The heart of the course are the three principles applicable in all MMH situations. Our team tested the «Principles» approach 25 years ago; it immediately maximized learning. 40 minutes long, the course integrates work and everyday life situations, videos, exercises, quizzes, feedback, a final test and certificate.

Objectif et finalité

By the end of the training, participants will: Acquire the fundamentals in injury prevention during physical work and manual material handling. Realize their individual responsibility for adopting safe working methods. Understand why and how to apply the principles in all MMH situations at work and in everyday life. Experiment the principles. Develop their ability to assess MMH situations and adapt to them.

Public cible

Jeunes travailleurs, Petites et moyennes entreprises (PME), Superviseurs et managers, Spécialistes de la SST, Autres (veuillez préciser) : All workers who perform manuel material handling tasks or physical efforts, regardless of the specificity of their work.

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