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Being open about mistakes

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05:20 minutes

Description du produit

The fear of mistakes keeps us in check – at home, at school and also at work?

Objectif et finalité

Messages: - Reporting and accepting mistakes. - Mistakes can happen – no matter who makes them. It is important to identify them in good time. Namely not by the customer, but by us - by you! - It is not about finding someone to blame but about finding a solution. Objectives: - Together, employees and executives create a new mistake culture, which is characterized by openness and mutual respect. - Improvement of the operational organization / communication.

In many companies the ongoing principle is: one mistake is one too many. This creates pressure and fear among the employees. It is obviously underestimated that health and safety at the workplace, product quality and the working atmosphere largely depend on the correct approach to handling mistakes. The aim was to sensitize employees as well as the management at the beginning of the film by using an everyday mistake situation, to create openness and ultimately the motivation to change their behaviour. To this end, feelings must be addressed, which can only be achieved by a film with suitable music.

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Internal employees and management

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Crane Ashberry Industry Film
Grabenweg3a, Austria-6850 Dornbirn

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Crane Ashberry Industry Film
Grabenweg3a, Austria-6850 Dornbirn